Fulfilment Phase

During this difficult time I would just like to give some advice for keeping well over the next few months. It is really important to keep our mind and body healthy. I hope you will find the following information useful. During prolonged periods of time at home can be difficult.
All staff will be using HWB, Classcharts and Microsoft Teams to keep in contact with all our learners and set work. We would also like everyone to check in daily –once in the morning and again in the afternoon – on the wellbeing section of classcharts so that we can keep an eye on the wellbeing of all our learners.
Below are some useful website/links for all learners to use

It is really important for years 9 and 10 to continue working on all core subjects and their subject choices. Staff will be available to give advice and support via their HWB email address which you will be given a list of.


To keep our bodies and minds healthy Joe Wicks has announced he will be doing live daily workouts for free so please follow him.


There are also some very good yoga and Pilate videos on youtube.


Mental Health

It is really important that we keep talking. It would be a lovely idea if everyone had a ‘Buddy’ and checked in with that person daily. Messenger, Facetime, skype and whatsapp are all free to use and easy to use to keep in touch with each other. We also could write letters to the elderly people in care homes as they won’t be having visitors at this time. Remember older family members too – pick up the phone and have a chat!


There are some very good organisations that are always available too:

Coronavirus – School Counselling advice for Pupils – March 2020
Coronavirus – School Counselling advice Helpline for Parents – March 2020
Maintaining Wellbeing during Coronavirus
It is important to also to remember to stay safe online and remembering the rules and regulations of online safety at this time is paramount. If you are unsure about any concerns regarding the use of the internet please visit

Keep healthy, keep positive and take the opportunity to learn new skills.


Additional Learning Needs (ALN) Learning Resources List for Schools and Families