Greetings from a virtual Churchill College, Cambridge.  I hope you, your families are safe and well at this unusual time.

Here is a summary of the outreach that’s currently available from Cambridge, should you be interested.

First, our work with Seren continues, and we’re hoping to provide KS5 students later this year, remotely or otherwise, with at least equivalent sessions to those that I described when I saw them earlier in the year.  Please encourage students to keep an eye on for updates about how these will run, and watch for information to be circulated via Seren Hub Coordinators.

For pre- and post-16 students, we’ve uploaded lots of good resources by subject to , as well as to Churchill’s subject explore page at  Cambridge has just published a large document at which links to loads of super-curricular content, again cut by subject, and again for a range of age groups, so hopefully easy for all to access.  Whilst we’re aware that the present situation is affecting people in a huge variety of ways, we’re advising students that if they have any capacity then this could be a really good time for them to explore their target university subject(s) and hopefully start to make some informed decisions about what subjects and courses they’re really interested in.

If you have learners who are interested in Cambridge particularly then they should check out and the pages linked from it, particularly  The University hopes to run all-subject virtual Open Days in July, and information about this and other provision should be uploaded to the events pages in due course.  Sessions from the cancelled Oxford and Cambridge Student Conferences which would’ve been held at Swansea’s Liberty Stadium are now available at , and there’re other good materials about Cambridge (and Oxford) at and  Cambridge’s latest advice for prospective applicants re COVID-19 can be found at, with FAQs for current offer-holders at

Finally, if anyone wants to find out more about admission to Churchill then they should head over to and the pages linked from it.  In particular, we have content about:

At present, we don’t have capacity to respond to individual inquiries from anyone who isn’t an offer-holder.  However, if you have any questions to which you can’t find answers from the above links then we’re hoping to be able to receive inquiries again on from the middle of the month.  In that case, please get in touch with us here from May 15, 2020.

Shelley and Matthew from Jesus College Oxford have released this guide to resources available online for secondary school students. It is especially useful for those wanting to be challenged:

The link for the guide is here.

There is an essay competition for years 7 to 11 run by Jesus College.
Jesus College Oxford – Annual essay competition for Welsh Year 8-11

STEM Career Experiences
The ‘Live & Online’ Series This Spring

Click here for more information

Fulfilment Phase

Subject Enhancement workbooks

Uni Pathways Subject Enhancement workbooks are designed by Researchers in Schools teachers in collaboration with The Brilliant Club. Each booklet explores a topic in depth, and each lesson is rigidly structured with sections comprising of worked examples, practice questions and mini-assessments. We have adapted the workbooks so they can be printed and used independently at home or used remotely with a group of students with their teacher.

GCSE Maths: Percentages
GCSE History: Interpretations of German History

Online Masterclasses

Our online masterclasses, led by by Brilliant Club researchers, are designed for pupils between 14 and 17 years old. They aim to introduce university-style learning of supra-curricular topics in an engaging and accessible way. This weeks masterclasses have been developed by Dr. Teresa Phipps and Dr. Katie Jones.

Masterclass 2: History: Law and Order in Medieval Towns

Masterclass 3: Social Science: Selective Attention

Momentum Phase

Real World Maths Problems

A weekly series of subject-based study skills sessions, designed to support pupils in developing an in-depth skill. This Study Skills session is aimed at 11-14 year olds and looks at how to break down and solve real world maths problems.

Module 2:  Real World Maths Problems

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code has just released FREE weekly Girls Who Code at Home unplugged and online activities. We know that parents, educators, and girls are looking for support and connection during these challenging times. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Girls Who Code is making computer science educational activities available for download, free of charge, to anyone who wants to access them. Learn to code from the comfort of your home!